Welcome! We're building a company that reflects the same values internally that we project externally. We prioritize open dialogue, trust, and learning. We strive to make working at Tab for a Cause rewarding, purposeful, and fun.

Founding Engineer

Remote – Full time

As the founding engineer at Tab for a Cause, you’ll change the way GenZ does social impact. This is an incredible opportunity to be an early, foundational leader on a social-good consumer product with real revenue and substantial impact.

Our Values

Our team's values drive how we work and what we work on.


Trust is the cornerstone of a healthy team. It allows us to focus on our work, secure in the knowledge that others are building toward our shared goals; it allows us to take responsible risks without fear of criticism; and it allows us to communicate fully and openly.


Learning is fundamental to our growth as individuals and as a team. Every one of us has things to teach and things to learn, and being open to learning allows us to foster our curiosity, hone our skills, and remain humble.


Camaraderie creates a trusting and cohesive team environment that empowers us to be better than we are individually. It also invigorates our interactions with our teammates.


Taking part in something we are proud of is exhilarating and rewarding. It’s energizing to work alongside people who love what they do.


Awareness gives us meaning. It creates the environment necessary for all of these values and it informs and drives our actions both individually and as a company.


We believe every person can and should have a positive impact on the world.