Save the world
one tab at a time

Raise money for charity with each new tab you open.

A Tab Page with Purpose

Tab for a Cause is a browser extension that replaces your new tab page with a beautiful page that raises money for charity as you surf the web.

raised for charity

Be Charitable.

Every time you open up a new tab, our sponsors provide money that we then give to your favorite cause. It doesn't cost you a thing.

Be Original.

Personalize your new tab page with interactive widgets, high-quality background images, and bookmarks.

Be Impactful.

Make a tangible, positive difference for those in need, and help make the world a better place - one tab at a time.

Last year, we...

Provided a year of clean water to 5688 people through

Protected 182 acres of rainforest through Conservation International

Start Tabbing Today

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