Support COVID-19 Relief for Free

The spread of COVID-19 has been swift and destructive. We need a global response to support the health systems and community organizations working to keep us all safe.

Tab for a Cause is a free, simple, and at-home way to raise money for important causes, and we are raising funds for critical relief efforts. Join in to support the fight against COVID-19:

So far, we've raised thousands of dollars to Doctors Without Borders, given meals to hungry kids, provided 2,000 people with access to clean water, given 10,000 meals to families in New York City, raised thousands of dollars for the World Health Organization, and provided supplies to 100 indigenous families.

Will you join in?

Campaign #6: July 17 – 24

Supplying 100 families in rainforest communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new stresses on households and habitats in the rainforest.

As a long-term partner with many rainforest communities, Cool Earth is working to provide food and hygiene equipment to keep people safe and healthy, along with resources like seeds and tools to prepare for the coming months.

We raised enough money to provide 100 families of 6 with the supplies they need to weather this pandemic.

Cool Earth Rainforest Resilience Fund

Photo Credit: Cool Earth

Campaign #5: April 27 – June 2

Supporting Global Healthcare Systems

As COVID-19 continues to spread, it will stress health systems around the globe. We supported Doctors Without Borders and their efforts to ensure access to quality healthcare around the world.

In response to COVID-19, Doctors Without Borders is fighting on multiple fronts—caring for patients, offering health education and mental health support, and providing training for vital infection control measures in health facilities around the world.

Doctors Without Borders in action

Photo Credit: Doctors Without Borders

Campaign #4: April 17 – April 27

Providing Meals to Hungry Children

Nearly 22 million low-income kids in the United States rely on the free and reduced-price meals they receive at school. With schools closed in districts nationwide, children may be left without that critical lifeline to healthy meals.

To help combat this, we supported No Kid Hungry in their efforts to make sure all children have access to nutritious meals throughout the crisis.

Together, we helped provide meals to kids in need. Thank you!

A food bank

Photo Credit: No Kid Hungry

Campaign #3: April 8 – April 17

Giving 2,000 People Access to Clean Water

The pandemic's impact on low-income countries will likely be devastating, especially where people do not have access to clean water, soap, or an adequate health system.

Our community raised money for Evidence Action as they rapidly provide access to clean water and sanitation to people who need it most.

Together, we gave 2,000 people access to clean water for one year, helping vulnerable communities to bolster their efforts against COVID-19.

Evidence Action's work in the field

Photo Credit: Evidence Action

Campaign #2: April 1 – April 8

Giving 10,000 Meals to Families in Need

COVID-19 has strained the ability of food banks to take care of people in need. We supported the work of the Food Bank for New York City, which is keeping families fed during this crisis.

Our community gave 10,000 meals to people in NYC who need it most just by opening tabs.

A food bank

Campaign #1: March 17 – April 1

Supporting the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Fund

Our community raised thousands of dollars for the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Fund and their partners in a massive effort to help countries prevent, detect, and manage the novel coronavirus, particularly where the needs are the greatest.

Information on the World Health Organization's impact


How can I help the COVID-19 response efforts?

Join Tab for a Cause! After it's added, every tab you open during these campaigns will support COVID-19 relief efforts.

If you're already using Tab for a Cause, get your friends on board to increase our community's impact.

Wait, it's free?

Yes! Tab for a Cause is a free way for you to do good every single day. You just have to open tabs in your browser, and we send money raised from ads to some spectacular nonprofits.

Why now?

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge in the spread of coronavirus, and it needs an unprecedented response.

As a way to raise money for free from the safety of our homes, Tab for a Cause is a great way to support communities in need as we confront this pandemic.

Why can't I donate my hearts to these causes?

For some of these campaigns, we're trying something a little different: we're automatically giving the money we’re raising to the featured non-profit—no hearts donation required. In this case, all you have to do is open tabs.

This approach allows us to know more quickly how much money we're raising for the non-profit, so we can give the money urgently and better demonstrate the tangible impact our community is having.