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Tab For Cats

Open browser tabs, help shelter cats get adopted!

215,000+ people are Tabbing on Chrome

How Does it Work?

We have partnered with The Greater Good Charities' The Jackson Galaxy Project to provide treats to shelter cats for FREE! How can we do this? Through ad revenue!

Every time you open a new tab, there will be two small ads in the right corner of your home screen. Companies pay for this space to advertise on our platform, and from there we can put that money to good use by giving it back to an organization doing great work for our furry friends. Tab for Cats is absolutely free for our users, and a great way to make an impact without breaking the bank.

We Show Our Work.

We know that trust must be earned. That's why the code for our new tab page, browser extensions, and even this webpage are open source.

Even better, we publish quarterly financials reports, so you can see exactly how much we give to each charity and what our other costs are.

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Hello! If you have questions or need help, check out our help center, where we tackle common questions and troubleshooting.

You might be curious about our charitable impact—you can find our financials here. Or, you might be curious how to unblock your adblocker on the new tab page—check out how to do that here.

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